Investigation of our terrestrial existence and experience critically affect my work.  The forms and images created become amalgamations of the natural and the built, addressing the environmental and societal issues that shape the world.  I incorporate humble materials found in everyday environs to produce re-imagined landscapes that reflect conditions of contemporary society.  Mending, wrapping and deliberate impressions of haphazardness are accomplished through the use of materials such as stretch plastic wraps, duct tape, recycled wood, spray foam and dilapidated folding chairs.  These pragmatic materials are re-purposed and re-configured to project the romantic grandeur of the landscape; all the while underscoring the precarious co-existence of human beings and the natural world.


Interest in landscape began with my father, who as an artist, was adept at depicting traditional Asian landscapes with ink on paper and archetypal Western landscapes with oil paint.  As a child, I was intrigued with the fluidity in which my father navigated these vastly different approaches to seeing and creating.  This early childhood fascination with renderings of landscape attuned my sensibilities toward natural and built environments with their ability to influence and reflect conditions of our society.


Former architectural education and experience inform the psychology of spatial understanding and conceptual decisions.  An array of thoughts including environmental havoc with a power to transform landscapes and their affect on human lives is intertwined to form a new terrain exposing the nuances of perceptual experience and ultimately destabilizing our sense of reality.



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